About Puinsai

The idea for the PUINSAI Clothing Company was born in 1993 when Christian Kennel, working at the time at Duke’s Canoe Club on the beach in Waikiki, decided to thank the Waikiki Beach Boys for warmly accepting him into their “ohana” or family. He printed 100 shirts as a gift for the Beach Boys with their favorite saying-“PUINSAI,” a term often heard echoing through the surf and the Koa walls at Dukes. The Beach Boys wore them with pride and soon locals and visiting tourist alike were approaching Christian to see how they could get their own tees. Christian was inundated with requests and enlisted his friend and fellow worker at Dukes, Keoni Lucas, to help fill the growing demand for the shirts. Together, Keoni and Christian officially founded the PUINSAI Clothing Company in 1994.

In 2008, Keoni and Christian have embraced PUINSAI with new focus and enthusiasm. While over the years they continued to provide PUINSAI shirts and the famous PUINSAI stickers to a loyal following, that simply was not enough. Their travels around the globe led them back to their memories of the Waikiki Beach Boys, who for over a century have carried on the tradition of teaching surfing, giving canoe rides, and most importantly spreading the aloha spirit that Hawaii is famous for. Keoni and Christian both agree the world could certainly use a little more aloha and just as PUINSAI began as a gift, they hope to continue giving the gift of aloha.

PUINSAI Clothing Company’s tagline is “Spread the Aloha” and this is exactly what the company intends to do. We hope you will join us in recognizing each item in our line as the embodiment of “Aloha.” “Aloha” is a strange concept to most people on the planet. When a total stranger shows compassion, generosity and the uncanny ability to see the humor in everyday life toward another human, it often strikes that person as odd. That is why we have chosen to use images on our web site that depict this contrast in cultures. The bare foot surfers walking through the urban sprawl are the human embodiment of aloha. Aloha is in all of us and we hope to evoke some thought on this subject with our images. Aloha is a new concept to most urban areas in the world and we are excited to take this positive spirit global.


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